N26 is a digital bank with zero physical presence.
It’s just an app.

Founded in Germany in 2013, they now have millions of users across Europe and are 
expanding into North America.

Banks in North America are stuck in the past. While most offer apps, they run off of outdated systems and in conjuction with physical locations and services. 

It’s not time for a new bank. It’s time for an entirely new type of bank

The bank of tomorrow.
A reflection of today.

ooh. the ads will be printed on walls and existing billboards near locations of existing physical banks.  the text will be printed in reverse.

every execution will have an NFC enabled stand that opens the camera on any phone...
here’s what that looks like:

something that should look more like the result of a bank heist than a bank ad.  this is a stunt that involves dropping a lot of ‘money’ on a crowded, urban area at a high traffic time of day.

the back of the money contains our copy, and built in call to action. the front of the money is coloured so that it resembles real money just enough (from a distance)

pretty hard to miss (i hope)



a not so simple print ad
for not so simple clients.

our two social strategies: corporate social responsibility, 

and an ‘interactive’ item of merch, made for influencer posts

my goal was to create a campaign that begged the question;
why are you still banking in the past,
if you’re living in today?